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A small tavern environment with small interactables that I made. All of the assets are from Infinity Blade and the medieval fantasy tavern pack respectively.

Link to the project file:

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Untitled Game Footage

A Megaman inspired game that I am working on.

WIP level progress pictures

Big Bear Lake Unreal 4

A recreation of a picture I took at Big Bear. I’ve been gone for a long time.

I need to do more game stuff.

Cake Quest

A really dumb game I made based on a fake game from Regular Show. These assets are not mine. Its supposed to be intentionally bad I swear.

Contorted Woods

Some WIP screenshots of a Gears of War multiplayer map inspired by the Twisted Treeline map from League of Legends. Assets are from Infinity Blade III. I’m going to change in the the low poly trees in the very near future. Please ignore the trees.

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Rockit Leg – Lava Arena


A rocket league inspired map that I made for funsies.

Snowy Mountain Unreal 4


A level I made using unreal 4.

Interview Project


An interview project that I was involved in. I did all of the editing while the rest of my group did camera work.

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